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Extra Ceremony Roles!

Family is one of life's greatest treasures... And there are friends that are considered family, we all have them, and we all love them!

Sometimes planning a wedding can be frustrating due to the aspect of "who do I choose" for bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. You may want to be able to have more people participate in your wedding day because they are special to you, and that's ok... giving them a meaningful part of your 'big day' doesn't have to be a 'big deal'.

Let's discuss small ways you can have those special people take part...

  • Ushers - I've seen groomspeople handle this part but they need to be offering support to the wedding party (like refilling the champagne flutes, or making sure the bourbon flows freely) so this is a perfect way to include a few extra loved ones on your big day.

  • Candle Lighter - plan on having candles surrounding the altar area? Include it as part of your ceremony; to do this, make sure everyone is seated and then have your 'chosen few' to head up front and light the candles while light music is playing. They can start on the outsides, work their way toward the center and then head back down the aisle to their seats.

  • Readings - choose a small reading, a favorite children's book, or just a poem; choose a loved one to do this before the ceremony, during the ceremony, right after the ceremony, during the reception, or all of the above.

  • Prayers - before the ceremony, after the ceremony, before reception, after reception, before dinner, after dinner, etc.

  • Blessings - same as prayer, can be done at anytime during ceremony or reception.

  • Guest Book - as guests walk into the ceremony, you can have a loved one making sure they sign in.

  • Cards - some guests bring cards, have a loved one manning the card box.

  • Sing - got a loved one that could be a contestant on 'The Voice', have them provide beautiful music... maybe they would even write an original song specifically for you and your betrothed, how cool would that be?

  • Recorder - Have someone with a recording device visit with guests at the reception and record well wishes for you.

There are plenty of 'non bridal party' roles you can have loved ones take part in so they are truly a part of your ceremony.

Get creative, have fun, be happy, and ENJOY! That's all that matters.

Here's to Love, Laughter, & Happily Ever After.


Harbor Town Weddings

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