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How To Co-ordinate A Wedding During The Pandemic Recovery

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In the beginning, we never dreamed Covid would take the world for such a long ride, but finally, we are in what many are calling the recovery stage of the pandemic. The number of vaccinated people in the world is slowly rising, and so are our spirits. It also means more weddings are happening for newly engaged couples and others who have had to postpone their plans.

So how do you coordinate a wedding during this pandemic recovery stage?

Just like always, the first step is to find your venue and set the date so you can send the wedding invitations out. When Covid was at its peak, guest numbers were severely limited, in some cases to 10 people or less. As restrictions are lifted, most countries are allowing bigger weddings to happen, but many couples still prefer to go with a small intimate wedding.

To keep guests safe, here are what some couples are doing before and on the wedding day:

  • Asking guests to have a Covid test before the wedding day

  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer as guests arrive

  • Keeping ceremony and reception seating spaced out

  • Ensuring social distancing practices are followed by all vendors and guests

  • Using light-hearted signage to remind guests about social distancing

  • Having the MC remind guests about social distancing

  • Replacing dancing with live entertainment such as dance or music performances

  • Having plated meals rather than buffets

  • Live streaming the ceremony for guests who can’t attend due to travel restrictions or health risks (such as elderly guests)

These measures keep guests, venue staff, and vendors safe and give everyone some peace of mind as you celebrate your best day ever. (

As always, seek guidance from

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