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Life Stuff...

This blog post is strictly personal and I've done zero research; this is strictly straight from my head so let the mind rambling begin!

I am a very busy person...

  • I work a normal Monday through Friday, 8-5 job as an insurance agent...

  • I am a wedding officiant and work evenings and weekends making sure files are in order, marketing is up to date, responding to emails/texts, writing ceremonies, researching...

  • I am also co-owner of a boat rental company here in town and I work evenings and weekends keeping up with marketing, accounting, taxes, and in the summer it gets busier with the cleaning, prepping boats for rental, along with meeting customers, payments, liability waivers, more cleaning, more inventory...

  • I am also co-owner of Dandelion Gifts; this is a brand new business and I am busy designing and completing items for craft shows as well as setting up a brick & mortar store in town. The store will sell t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, home decor, along with customized orders for gifts, souvenir's, weddings, birthdays, events, etc.

  • I also handle the books for my partner's mechanic shop; such as invoicing, accounting, etc.

So needless to say; I AM SWAMPED in things 'I gotta do'!!!

I am constantly busy and was reminded the other day that I need to slow down and smell the roses, take a little me time, maybe take a nap. My reminder from the other day is what I wanted to blog about today, as it was so simple, and only TWO WORDS.


Yup, that's it... Life Stuff.

As my partner and I were discussing what we needed to get done that day and both of us were rambling off our long work-related to-do list to each other, he simply stated,

"Well, we also need to do Life Stuff".

As I sit here right now and think of the meaning of 'Life Stuff', I am reminded of all the small things that we sometimes rush through because we have WORK stuff to do...

NOPE... that is backwards... and I think we had forgotten that for a little while. We were constantly trying to get the WORK STUFF done and then whatever is left over is LIFE STUFF.

Every single one of us, needs to always make extra time for the LIFE STUFF, as that is the important stuff... I saw a saying once and I'm sure most people have seen or heard it.

If you die tomorrow, your employer will replace your position pretty quickly, no big issues there. But your family won't be able to replace you, EVER.

That's it from the mind of Donna today.

Slow down, smell the roses. Straighten out those priorities, peeps... do LIFE STUFF!

Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever-After


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