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Monday Musings...

OH man, Monday comes way too quick after Friday! Why in the world does Monday through Friday go so slow, but Saturday and Sunday flies by... it's a mystery for sure.

If you work a regular job during the week and are using your evenings and weekends to plan your wedding (or anything else), it gets overwhelming pretty darn quick! And this seems to lead to mental exhaustion, which never ends well. Let's discuss ways to keep this from happening.

  • HELP: don't ever think you can't ask others for help. If you're planning a wedding, hopefully you have plenty of people willing to help out with some of the planning process.

  • Mothers, sisters, best friends, etc. Make a plan, split the duties.

  • Designate some days of the week to the planning; the rest are your days to do other things.. dinner out, netflix & chill, a hobby or craft.

  • Hey, even double duty can come in handy... trying out a few different versions of alcohol, a new wine for your wedding... invite some friends over and have a taste test party.

  • Same for food; trying out some menu items for the wedding; invite them friends back over for a 'Let's talk food' party! (don't forget to send my invite for that)

  • Don't forget to keep 'dating' your future partner, this is one of the best ways to de-stress.

  • Planning on having a spa day for the 'girls' before the wedding? Well you'll need to check out a few to find the perfect one, right? TA-DA, you'll need to have several spa days planned in order to find that perfect match!

For me, as the officiant, I do work a regular job and also have to utilize a few hours at night and the weekends to plan, do my marketing, write scripts, keep in regular contact with my couples, etc. So I also have to keep a calendar and make sure I'm meeting deadlines, staying on track. But sometimes, I know I can skip a day and I do take advantage of that and just use that time to chill out for a bit. Thinking no thoughts are my fave... so the netflix and chill is totally my perfect day. But I also do the crafting and that calms my mind as well.

Bottom line: Keep your sanity!!

Plan days for you and never, ever feel bad about that.

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