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Monday Musings - A local Destination Wedding... whhaaat?

A ‘LOCAL’ Destination Wedding? Yes, please!!!

It’s not really a new concept, it’s just a different take on it. Let me explain…

So you wanted a Florida beach wedding, or a Disneyland wedding, or maybe even a wedding in space (long shot, right?). Now the cost for this type of wedding is out of reach, not all family would be able to attend a long-distance ceremony, and many other substantiated reasons. Unfortunately, a destination wedding could also put additional work onto you; if family members are planning to come, you may need to help with travel arrangements, lodging arrangements, etc. Not to mention planning long-distance nuptials may not be the easiest task.

My solution to this is to plan one of these weddings local, how you may ask? A Theme Wedding; this is my ‘not a new concept’ point. Couples have been doing theme weddings for several years now and you’ve probably seen or read about one. Star Wars, farmhouse rustic, royal family, Halloween, and many others.

So you want to get married on the beach in Hawaii; use Hawaiin décor, wear Hawaiin attire, ask guests to dress in Hawaiin attire, have someone handing out lei’s to everyone as they arrive.

So you want to get married on a farm? Plan a Rustic Farmhouse themed wedding in the middle of a field (make sure you have permission or at least that the farmer doesn't own weapons and that all guests can run really fast), haybales, lots of wood accents, lanterns, greenery everywhere.

Or maybe you just wanted to elope; that’s okay too. You can plan a small elopement ceremony on the beach, a Michigan state park, your backyard, and many other public places that allow weddings.

Any of these choices you could do local and all your guests would be able to attend (you know, for those that you like anyway)… and these types of weddings don’t have to break the bank; this is where my services can help.

My ‘Destination Wedding Packages’ fall into these categories; you have a wooded area you want to use, a barn, a beach… in addition to the officiating service with a custom script written just for your love story; my packages include the décor rental such as decorated arch with swag, aisle décor, altar décor, even bouquet’s or boutonniere’s, chairs w/covers, etc.

Want that beach wedding, just add a few nautical themed items to the décor, same thing for the Hawaiian theme, or hay bales and wood accents for the farmhouse/country theme, heck fire, we can even do the star wars if you want. I can travel with my décor and provide set up/tear down services. So, pick a location, choose the theme, and let’s start planning your ‘local’ destination wedding!! My packages range from $300 - $650…. Compare that to the following and you’re looking at a load of SAVINGS.

The best part may be the money saved on your wedding can be used

to plan a lavish honeymoon for just the two of you!!

According to; here’s a bit of info about the cost of a real destination wedding:

Average Cost of a Destination Wedding

The total cost of a destination wedding varies. Prices depend on location, the number of days, the number of events, the U.S. dollar to local currency exchange rate, the time of year, the number of guests, and more. That said, the average estimated baseline cost of a destination wedding hovers around $35,000.

What Influences the Cost of a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding has the same essential elements as a local wedding. You’ll want invitations, a dress, rings, a venue, catering, a florist, music, a photographer, cake, and an officiant. Travel, accommodations, group activities, little extras, and a full-service destination wedding planner are the factors that will end up costing more.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best for the two of you… this is your wedding! A wedding is meant to be memorable for all the special reasons, not memorable because of all the stress induced anxiety it caused.

Still have questions or need theme wedding inspiration? How can I help you?

Donna Jean Nethery; Wedding Officiant


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