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Monday Musings brought to you by my crazy weekend thoughts…

This Monday’s Musing will deal with the relaxation, the less-stress, the calming, the live life to its fullest mantra involving your wedding day!... What is the most important thing that everyone wants on their wedding day? You guessed it, PERFECTION. They want everything to go smoothly, and for the day to be memorable for good reasons, and not remembered for everything that went wrong. So here are the top things that come to my mind; granted my mind doesn’t always think things through, but this one is pretty simple… I think J

Let’s chat… Some brides may hire a ‘day of coordinator’ or a ‘wedding planner’; but not everyone. Is your day going to be a smaller (5-50 peeps) affair that you’re going to bravely do on your own because we all know; if you want it done right, yadda yadda!

So let’s get on with my take on the whole thing

1. Relax – Seriously: Don’t try to plan every minute detail… plan the big things, and then maybe talk about the rest to your crew (this ‘crew’ means your girls, your mom’s and dad’s, your future spouse, trusted guests). If they kinda know what’s in your head for parts of the day, that can help keep things on track; the track might be a little crooked, but hey, crooked can be interesting, right?

2. Drop the ‘serious’ tone! Today’s weddings aren’t the same as your parents and grandparents; they aren’t the huge affair that requires you to not smile all day, and remain perfectly poised, stoic and coifed. Today’s unions are meant to be ‘YOU’!!! If you are normally a serious, non-smiling person, then OK. But if you and your love are fun-loving, easy-going, and laid-back… then that should be the way your wedding day goes. Laugh, smile, enjoy! BE PRESENT!!!

3. Extend the entertainment… it’s a celebration, Let’s Party!!! Nothing says good time like a party, am I right? If you have to rush through a few things, don't make it this part!

4. I just learned this one not too long ago, but photo sharing… there’s an app for that :) You can create an account that allows you and your guests to share photos to that one specific location. And just think about the fun time it’s gonna be to go through all those photos you and your guests took during the shindig. Beware, some of them may be embarrassing, fun huh? Apple, Google, Veri: review them and see what works!

5. Schedule time to mingle!! This one is important… I know I said don’t try to plan every minute detail, and I meant it. But do make time to visit with guests, make introductions if needed, catch-up, tell stories, laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. This is one of the important ones to schedule; visit those people that you took the time to invite, after all you have them there because they are someone important in your life. Enjoy them!!

Moral of this story, the best planning is the ‘non-planning’ ‘come what may’ excitement of your day!

BE PRESENT! If you’re worried about the planning and what time do we eat, what time do we toast, what time do we do this, that or the other; then you’re not going to be fully present to savor each and every moment. And THAT is exactly what you should be doing; savoring each moment of this day that you are celebrating. You are beginning your life together, make this beginning moment the most memorable for you and your love; not for anyone else, not for what the planning book tells you; not for what ‘tradition’ dictates, not for the ‘had to invite stuffy, uptight cousin’s brother’s ex-wife’s mother-in-law.’ THIS MOMENT IS FOR YOU AND YOUR'S... and at the end of it all, if you were present, relaxed, and enjoyed every second of every minute of the day then any moment where it may have gone a bit crooked is not going to stand out in your mind when you look back on your wedding day!

Love, Laughter & Happily Ever-After


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