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Monday Musings - Coordinate the Day - December 6, 2021

Coordinating the Day… holy smokes, how do you do it?!? My weekend musings which turn into my Monday Musings blog went something like this over the weekend… as I was working in my craft room I was thinking ahead to an upcoming craft fair and wondering who I could get to do certain tasks so I could make sure we were completely ready by Friday and we could pack the truck. I made my wish list of what I need and what needs to be done, then thought of all my

servants… uummm I meant family & friends… who does what the best; who can pack 2 trucks worth of stuff into one truck, who can best organize the totes, who can best stock the emergency craft bag…

This got me to thinking about upcoming weddings and boom boom boom, things start popping into my head that I need to remember to write down. That thought moved onto engaged lovebirds and them planning their day. So instead of having 472 sticky notes around your house and in your car, let’s try to make a plan to make a plan!

Some couples hire a ‘Day of Coordinator’ along with their other vendors such as DJ, Caterer, Officiant, Hair/Makeup, etc… but for those that are planning a smaller affair, or those that just like to have all those responsibilities the day of because you know, “if you want it done right!”

IT CAN BE DONE! With some planning and some peeps that you truly trust to accomplish tasks as efficiently, as perfectly, and as quickly as you would do.

Step 1: Make a Plan

Step 2: Decide who in your circle fits each step of the plan

Step 3: Draw up your plans for each person to do the day of; as well as a final checklist.

Step 4: Schedule a Meeting

Step 5: Buy snacks and alcohol for meeting (ok, this step can be skipped if you want)

Step 6: Meet with your ‘crew’ to go over each step of the plan and make sure everyone is on the same page as you, if not, supply items from Step 5 to coax them into submission.

Step 7: Give each ‘crew’ member their specific plan for the day and what time to start

Step 8: Hire the bossiest person in your crew to supervise (this usually best describes the bride or MOB)

Step 9: Review your checklist and make sure everything gets checked off

Step 10: ENJOY THE DAY!! Don’t stress over the small stuff.

A few last-minute items to make sure is on your list could be bringing the gifts to the location, bring a backup list of vendor contact info, make sure you have all the vendor payments prepped and ready to go, make sure to have some mood/energy boosting food before the ceremony begins (passing out of hunger at the altar is not a good look).

To start your big day off without hassle, be calm… make sure that your plan includes time to just sit and relax before the ceremony, do things that calm your mind, and remember to breathe!

No one is gonna know if the flowers at the altar were supposed to be 2 inches to the left, most of them probably don’t even know the difference… and let’s face it, all eyes are going to be on you and

your betrothed and the beautiful moment being shared between you two lovebirds and not on the fact that the rose petals in the aisle were light pink instead of blush pink.

So, sit back, relax, draw up a plan, invite your besties over, share some mimosa’s mixed with a little bit of planning. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Donna Jean Nethery

Wedding Officiant


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