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Self-Care; Who needs it?... This weeks "Monday Musings" is all about the good stuff!

So, who needs it? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!!!!

The definition of self-care is pretty much self-explanatory dontcha think?

Some of us think of it as 'pampering' or a 'girl's day'... but whatever we call it, we need to make a plan, stick to it, and do it regularly & often!!

It doesn't make us 'high maintenance'; it makes us aware of ourselves and the need to care for every inch of our ourselves... inside and out!!!

Self care might be making sure to remember to schedule your mammogram or annual physical... and sticking to it no matter what. I recently had a self-care health appointment scheduled and then I got sick with bronchitis so I had to cancel my appointment and now its in my calendar to RESCHEDULE!!! And believe me, if I didn't put it in my calendar, I would probably forget and then next year, I'd be like 'uummmm, I forgot'. But even though its in my calendar, I keep putting off making the call because I have more important things to get done, like writing this blog post.

Honestly, I was supposed to call last Friday, and then today I found out the doc office is closed so now its on the calendar for tomorrow blah blah blah :) I'm gonna do it, I pinky swear!!!

There are so many forms of self-care, it's not just doc appointments... like I said, it doesn't make us 'high maintenance' it just makes good sense to take an active role to protect your well-being and happiness at all time, and its even extra important to keep up during times of stress or worry.

My favorite self-care items that I do at home are facials, long showers that include deep conditioning treatment for my hair, hand and foot masks, and as simple as sitting with my feet propped up, rom-com, and a hot drink such as cappuccino or cocoa. (Personal Note: the last one has to be done while I'm home alone or else is not relaxing AT ALL!!! One of my other faves is crafting; I love it. Jewelry, Florals, Wood: I make the bouquets I use for my wedding business, but I also make centerpieces, home decor, holiday wreaths and holiday decor. I also make necklaces and earring, and bracelets. And lastly, I like wood crafts and driftwood, which most of the time includes the flowers mentioned above ;)

I love giving a homemade craft as a gift. This form of self-care is two-fold: ONE I love creating it; and TWO, I love when the gift recipient loves it as much as I do.

My back cottage which is actually a guest cottage actually more resembles a florist business than a guest cottage. My major flaw is that some of what I think of as self-care involves a good movie and snack, which of course goes against one of the other self-care items which is eat a healthy meal. But hey, I can't do all of the items at once, right? I'm pacing myself... I will positively try to learn to make better self-care choices... it's on my to-do list, I promise!

Now, the professionals deem the following as self-care (from PsychCental):

  • Eat a healthy meal

  • Engage in exercise

  • Go for a walk

  • Drink water

  • Practice good sleep hygiene

  • Have a cup of tea

  • Sit in the sunlight

  • Take a shower or bath

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Take a break

  • Play video games

  • Listen to music

  • Read a book

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Reflect on things you are grateful for

  • Pray

  • Call/text a friend

  • Connect with nature

  • Meditate

  • Engage in self-reflection

Self-care activities can range from physical activities such as exercising and eating healthy, to mental activities such as reading a book or practicing mindfulness, to spiritual or social activities such as praying or catching lunch with a friend. The important thing to remember about self-care is that it is about listening to what your mind and body need.

No matter what you choose, when you can do it, or with whom... the bottom line is JUST DO IT, and like I said above, do it regularly and often!

We all need it, we all deserve it, and we all have to take the initiative to keep up with it and live a happy & healthy life.

If you have special ideas for self-care; feel free to share. We could all use a little inspiration every now & then.

Take care of yourself; mind, body and soul...

Love, Laughter, and Happily ever-after!!!

- Donna

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