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Wedding Planning Headache?

You're not the only one to ever be overwhelmed with the planning, the decisions, the choices, the questions... keeping everything straight and being able to remember everything can truly make planning your wedding not even seem worth the hassle.

Some couples decide they don't want that headache and decide to elope on their terms and then plan a big reception shindig to follow.... it seems everything may be more fun when alcohol is involved, so do your research on this :)

  • Some couples hire a wedding planner and a day of coordinator to take care of all this stuff and therefore eliminate the hassle of the preparation; they can then just sit back and bask in the glow of their engagement and upcoming nuptials....

  • Some couples thrive on chaos and actually enjoy the nitty gritty workload that planning a wedding can add to their plate....

  • Some couples have family that are those crazy creatures that excel at organization and love to have the challenge of pulling together the perfect party....

  • Some couples have no planning skills whatsoever but do have the need to be in control of their day and make it perfect for them and no one else....

If you are in one of the categories that want to have a personal touch on your plan, or working with family members to pull this together; be calm, have faith in yourself, and carry on...


I have an array of 'checklists' and information that will help you keep things moving along at a

pace you're comfortable with. If I'm you're officiant, you've probably already received several emails from me with some of these attached.

Part of my job is to help you achieve your dream day whether you're doing the planning or someone else, I'm here for you. If you have questions you need answers for, I may not have them, but I will research the heck out of it and present all my findings to you so you can make an informed decision for whatever it may be.

How can I help you plan your perfect day?

Donna Jean Nethery

Wedding Officiant

Harbor Town Weddings

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