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Wedding Readings - Kid Version

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This is the reading chosen for an upcoming wedding; it will be read by the young daughter of the couple. Author: Nicholas Gordon

As a wedding officiant, it is my goal to help the happy couple choose exactly what type of ceremony they're looking for and include all their dream choices; such as readings, prayers, songs, moment of silence, etc. I do have samples that I can share with my couples to help them along the way. Donna Jean Nethery

“Getting married means you’ll have Someone’s hand to hold, Even when you’re feeling sick, Even when you’re old.

It means when you sit down to eat, Someone will be there, So you won’t have to tell your day To an empty chair.

It means that you can have some kids Just like a mom and dad, And play with them all afternoon, Except when they are bad.

It means that when you need some help, Someone will help out, Someone always near to you So you won’t have to shout.

But best of all is when it’s time To turn out all the lights: You won’t have to be alone Those long and scary nights.

So even though you don’t have toys, You don’t have to care: Once you’re married you can be Each other’s teddy bear!”

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